The story that makes self-development books work

  • If you struggle with failure.
  • If you are tired fighting against your own doubts and low self-esteem.
  • If you want to get rid off your self-sabotage.
  • If anything you tried have never last.

This story may be one of the most important books you would read.

Here's why:

"Everything you have done so far was useless. Every personal development session, every book, every course and seminar you followed. Every therapy you tried, hypnosis and other things, were worthless. This sounds like bad news, but it's the harsh truth."

I am speechless, unable of saying anything. He goes on.

"The basic mistake of the majority of the methods, programs and books of personal or spiritual development is not talking about the faulty program you all have deep inside you. I bet that after the failure of everything you tried, you said to yourself, "I'm crap. I did not believe in it enough. I'm not committed enough. I don't have enough willpower. I'm not even able to get through this." Right?"

"You simply suffer from a sick envelope, the saboteur of all your efforts and you don't know it exists. A lot of people are like you, they also suffer from personal and professional failures, despite their goodwill and their commitment. I know it's frustrating. You must understand and accept that there is something in yourself that deliberately looks for failure. There are many more unconscious patterns in yourself than you suspect."

I was sitting there, stunned and fascinated, listening to Suncat. He was about to tell me information that no one had given me and that would change my life.

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