How to work on my self esteem

If you are like me, you probably tried a lot of tips and techniques to raise your self esteem.

Unfortunately, everything you tried failed. Not because you’re not good enough. Not because you were not committed enough. Despite your efforts and goodwill, everything you tried didn’t last.

Let Suncat show you why :

Everything you have done so far was useless. Every personal development tool you tried, every book, course and seminar you purchased. Every therapy you followed, hypnosis and other things, were worthless. This may sound like bad news, but it’s the harsh truth. Anyway, I’m not here to butter you up. I am here to tell you how things really are. And I tell you once again, everything was useless.

I am speechless, unable of saying anything. I can’t get a word in, he goes on.

– Of course, you were committed, you were of goodwill, but that either, was useless. Goodwill is not enough. It could not work because of a faulty program in yourself that looks for failure. I understand that it is difficult to hear. However, you must know that there is something in yourself that deliberately looks for failure and problems. You felt it, right? You had that intuition. You are feeling it for a long time, without knowing exactly what it is. Everything you have done so far failed because of this faulty programming.

He smiles while going ahead.

– I know that you have been searching for a long time to identify this problem inside you. You have never found a satisfying answer, did you? Now, I’m going to explain to you why everything you’ve done so far failed. Why all this could not succeed. I will also show you what to do to fix it. And when this fundamental problem will be solved, then all your efforts will be fruitful. This means that personal development methods will start to work for you. Your affirmations, the work on your self-confidence, your prayers and visualizations, all this will finally start to get you result. It will only work if you fix the core problem.

I still have not said any word. And he goes on again.

– Those affirmations, methods or prayers work. Simply, your faulty basic programming did not allow you, so far, to get the benefits, despite your goodwill, your patience and your commitment. The methods are good, you were committed, you believed in yourself, you persevered. You almost did everything the right way. The sad thing about it is that you just did almost everything right.
I finally ask.

– So, why did that not work for me if those tools are good? Why is my self-confidence so low? What’s wrong with me?

– Nothing’s wrong with you. There is a basic mistake in the majority of methods and books of personal or spiritual development. All those don’t talk about the faulty program every human hide deep inside. This rotten program distorts your intentions, even the best ones. I bet that after the failure of everything you tried, you said to yourself, “I’m crap. I didn’t believe in it enough. I’m not committed enough. I don’t have enough willpower. I’m not even able to get through this.” Right?

– Yes, that’s correct.

– Anyhow you, like many others, have enough willpower. You want results, you are involved, committed and patient. You simply suffer from a faulty program, the saboteur of all your efforts and you don’t know it exists. A lot of people are like you, they also suffer from personal and professional failures, despite their goodwill and their commitment. I know it’s frustrating. You must understand and accept that there is something in yourself that deliberately seeks failure. There are many more unconscious patterns and automatism in yourself than you suspect. So, you had to fail because that underlying program is hungry for failures and disappointments. I’m here to expose you this faulty program, to show you how it works at your expense and how to free yourself from it. Everything will be better for you once this done. Your visualizations, your affirmations, your prayers will have a positive impact on your life. All this will finally be effective, your self-confidence will worth your efforts and your projects will succeed.


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